The Theremin is not an academic instrument, like the Ondes Martenot, although its sound and mechanics are similar. Composition techniques and playing styles abound throughout the world, regardless of conventions. For many, the Theremin is more of a gadget than an instrument and it is a small victory for N/O/D/E to see this instrument become part of the curriculum in a school of music.

The programme features three days of Theremin classes, two exceptional concerts and four new scores for the instrument (composed by Lukas Briner, Gaspard Colin, Romain Luder and Micaël Vuataz).

Thur-sun 28-31.01.16 HEMU - Winter Theremin Academy

Teachers : Lydia Kavina, Thierry Frenkel

Special guest : Dorit Chrysler​

by registration only

SOLD OUT !!! Resgistration is closed.

Invited by N/O/D/E, a Theremin Academy will happen this winter in Switzerland. A unique opportunity to learn how to master this curious instrument that you play without even touching it..

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Lydia Kavina (UK)

Lydia Kavina studied the Theremin with Leon Theremin, inventor of the instrument when she was young. She has since become a world ambassador for the instrument and has inspired many a career. A rare virtuoso, she is one of the rare Theremin players to make a living from her music.

Thierry Frenkel (FR)

The Theremin combines all the fields of interest of IT engineer, electronics and music enthusiast Thierry Frenkel. A leading figure in the world of Theremins for his many contributions to the instrument, Frenkel is one of our loyal collaborators. He organises regular meetings for Theremin players, in particular for the Summer Academy in Colmar.

Special guest : Dorit Chrysler (USA/AUT)

A star in the small world of the Theremin, prolific singer and musician Dorit Chrysler has embarked on many collaborative projects. Muse for Moog, founder of the NY Theremin Society and the KidCoolThereminSchool, she has been seen playing with Elliott Sharp, Neon Indian and Trentemøller. She is our guest at the Winter Academy.

Lessons and Program

To take part in the academy, you have to register at theremin-academy

Thursday 28.01.16

13:00 - 14:00

Arrival of the participants at the HEMU, first organizational meeting with Lydia & Thierry

14:00 - 17:30

Individual lessons with Lydia & Thierry / Theremin repair, tuning and upgrade by Thierry

17:45 - 19:00

Workshop with Thierry: Theremin playing technique seen under electronic and anatomic aspects

from 20:00

Common dinner (cheese fondue) in a restaurant

Friday 29.01.16

08:30 - 10:45

Individual lessons with Lydia & Thierry / Theremin repair, tuning and upgrade by Thierry

11:00 - 13:00

Rehearsal for Lydia & Thierry (with students of the HEMU) at the EJMA atrium. Participants are welcome to attend.

13:00 - 13:30

Lunch break

13:30 - 15:45

Individual lessons with Lydia & Thierry / Theremin repair, tuning and upgrade by Thierry

16:00 - 18:00

Theremin orchestra, conducted by Lydia, with all participants

from 18:00

N/O/D/E : launch party + concerts at Pôle Sud

Saturday 30.01.16

08:30 - 13:15

Individual lessons with Lydia & Thierry / Theremin repair, tuning and upgrade by Thierry

13:15 - 14:30

Lunch break at Pôle Sud. 

14:30 - 16:00

Workshop with Dorit Chrysler: Applying the theremin in contemporary and music / Technical and practical issues for theremin in Live Performance / KidCoolTheremin Curriculum – Theremin Practice Exercises – for children and adults

16:30 - 18:00

Setup and rehearsal of the Theremin Orchestra at the EJMA with all participants.

18:00 - 19:00

Short dinner break at EJMA. 


Concert 1 : Lydia & Thierry play compositions of the HEMU students


Concert 2 : Theremin Orchestra, conducted by Lydia, with all participants.

from 21:00 

N/O/D/E : concerts at Romandie (with among others, Blueblut, Pamela's Stickney -former Kurstin- band.)

Sunday 31.01.16

10:00 - 13:00

Open stage / student’s concert at Pôle Sud

Fee & registration

Registration is needed to take part in the Academy. The registration form can be found on theremin-academy. After submitting your registration, you will get an invoice by email. You’ll have to pay it via bank transfer within 14 days to confirm your registration.

Depending on your arrival day, you can choose one of the 3 following packages : 

1. Package MINI = 40.- CHF / Saturday - Sunday

  • Workshop with Dorit Chrysler on Saturday 
  • Lunch at Pôle Sud and a little dinner at the HEMU on Saturday, 30/01
  • Entries to the concerts at the HEMU and the Romandie on Saturday, 30/01
  • Entry and participation at the open stage at Pôle Sud on Sunday, 31/01

2. Package MEDIUM = 60.- CHF / Friday - Sunday

  • Everything of the Package “Mini”
  • Active participation at Lydia’s Theremin Orchestra 
  • Free entry to the launching party and concerts at Pôle Sud on Friday, 29/01

1. Package MAXI = 75.- CHF / Thursday - Sunday

  • Includes Package “Medium”
  • Workshop with Thierry on Thursday 

Not included in the package : individual lesson's fee (60.-CHF), Theremin repair, tuning and upgrade, other costs such as travelling, hotel or drinks & food costs (except for the lunch & dinner on Sat. 30.01.16)

Housing - special offer

The participants of the Theremin Academy will get a special 20% discount at the  hotel Lausanne Guesthouse.

(book online on their website, get the discount at the checkin. You will receive a voucher when your registration at the Academy is confirmed).


The Academy will take part in the HEM & EJMA building, located 5min walking distance to the other N/O/D/E activities. All adresse can be found there.