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Tuesday 26.01.16 - HUG MUSIQUE - Diatonic Bell

By Pierre Audétat (CH) & Julien Junod (CH)

17:00 / duration 60 minutes / free entrance

The ‘diatonic bell’ is a graphic and numerical system of harmonic representation designed by Lausanne-based musician Pierre Audétat in 2006 which originated from a French-Swiss research study lead by the Haute Ecole de Musique (HEMU) and the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM). It was presented at Yale University in 2009. It represents an important invention for music, since it has allowed for the discovery of new structures and relationships that open up new theoretical questions and perspectives for composition and improvisation.

The bell serves as a tool to theorise scales and heptatonic modes in equal temperament. The 66 scales are classified according to their increasing distance from the diatonic scale. The 462 heptatonic modes are grouped into 31 families, ranging from the ‘clearest’ to the ‘darkest’. Universality of the approach was verified through its application to other temperaments.

Pierre Audétat and his scientific collaborator Julien Junod will explain the importance of their discovery, with the help of musical and visual examples.

The website offers over 5,000 audio examples that one can navigate to discover new musical worlds.

Friday 29.01.16 - PÔLE SUD - Algorithmic Cultures

By Joël Vacheron (CH) & Nicolas Nova (CH)

17:00 / duration 60 minutes / free entrance

London-based Joël Vacheron is a sociologist and independent journalist. He is also a lecturer and researcher in visual communication at ECAL in Lausanne.

Nicolas Nova is the co-founder of Near Future Laboratory, a research hub based in Europe and California. He is also a lecturer at HEAD – Geneva. His work is at the crossroads of ethnography, interactive design and new media research.

Together, they recently published a book at IDpure called Dadabot: An Introduction to Machinic Creolization (2015).

For N/O/D/E, they will host a round table discussion with several guest speakers in order to discuss the use of algorithms and big data in the contemporary world of art and music.

Saturday 30.01.16 - PÔLE SUD 

Doors 10:00-18:00 / free entrance

10:45 Understanding randomness and its applications to music 

By Olivier Gillet, Mutable Instruments (FR) / duration 75 minutes

Are there different types and degrees of randomness? How can they be described and measured? At this talk, synthesizer designer Olivier Gillet popularises various mathematical concepts (continuous/discrete, distribution, independence, noise, Markov chain) to get a better grasp on the different forms of randomness that are applied in musical composition, whether on the scale of notes, scores or acoustics. 

Various concepts will be interactively illustrated with ‘python’ and ‘puredata’ programmes and their musical applications (whether in a Xenakis composition or in the depths of a eurorack module) will be presented.

12:30 Music and geometry : from J.-S. Bach to Paolo Conte via The Beatles and Hamiltonian songs /Concert-talk / Duration : 60 minutes

By Moreno Andreatta, Ircam (FR)

CNRS researcher, musician and member of the IRCAM Représentations musicales team, Moreno Andreatta works on the Algebraic formalisation and geometric representation of musical structures. During this talk / concert, he will demonstrate how maths can be used not only to analyse music (from classic to pop and jazz music) but also to compose, by applying combinatorial and geometric techniques to song writing.

14:00 Algorithms & musical composition / duration : 45 minutes

By Hervé Provini (CH)

A brilliant drummer, seasoned musician and mad programmer, Geneva-based Hervé Provini presents his compositional approach with the help of computer science and algorithms. Chaos theory, multi-agent system, cellular automaton, neural networks, etc.: a talk that comes complete with musical examples and scores composed in real time.

Hervé Provini

15:30 Musimap, musical big data / duration : 30 minutes

By Vincent Favrat, CEO Musimap

Musimap SA specialises in cognitive technologies applied to music. Representatives will present the challenges of their 25-year long research conducted with the help of musicians, anthropologists, psychologists and philosophers who have enabled them to develop a musical taxonomy offset with a system of multi-layered cross-influences that makes it unique in the world and that heralds the future of the music industry on a global level. Very big data.