Saturday 30.01.16 - PÔLE SUD - Meet & geek Laboratory

10:00-18:00 / 2nd floor / free entrance

For the first time, N/O/D/E will organise a ‘Meet & Geek’ session – a sort of open-minded bazaar for designers, enthusiasts and musicians to present their instruments and their research, or a mad research lab for people to create, discover, weld and build, try stuff out, chat, brainstorm new ideas, meet, drink and relax.

Presentation of all participants

Gaudi Lab / Open.Theremin (CH)

Urs Gaudenz is known in the open source community for having built a little theremin based on Arduino, called the Open.Theremin. UNO.

You will be able to built your own Open.Theremin !​ Full kit (antennas, Arduino and stand included) : 85.- CHF

Mutable Instruments (FR)

Olivier Gillet is one of the few synthesizer conceptor in France. He will present some of his new modules at the lab' and will give a talk about randomness in music.

Thérésyn (JP/FR)

As stated in the name, the Thérésyn is a mixture of a theremin and a synthesizer. To be more specific, it is an analog theremin, with various synthesizers adds on, as well as other interesting functionalites. Yves Usson designed and developed all the circuits, while Nori Ubukata is the project conceptor. Meet them both at the lab and attend the demonstration at 13:00!

DIY synth clone corner (JP/FR)

Or when synthesizer aficionados start building, making and cloning their dream machines.

Meet ​Smees Vectorsonic Phibes (CH), Raphaël Raccuia (CH) and Sylvain Ehinger (CH) and try out their awesome synth!

Test the synths & build your own Cracklebox to take home with you (20.- CHF)

Hachuarium / Living instruments (CH)

The bio hacking community of Renens City will be a the lab, working on one of their numerous projects called "Living Instruments": a use of usage biological information or organisms as sources of signal.

The final deliverable is a concert that will take place on February 10th 2016, at the music and performance art venue Le Bourg, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Living Instruments


Arc en ciel électronique (CH)

Colorful DIY and production of electronical devices of all kinds. Skander Mensi will be presenting some of his latest creations..

Arc en Ciel Electronique

Theremin Bollards / InterACT (UK)

Theremin Bollards is a ongoing project driven by founder David Young, an interactive sound sculpture based on the theremin.

Theremin Bollards is currently developing his project toward -among other-  music therapy. Discover & try out more at the Lab!

Theremin Bollards

De Haller Audio (CH)

Guitare amps made in Switzerland! Sébastien de Haller produces his own amps on order or in small series. Presentation of his work and of this high level craft.

Atelier 109

ShowRoom - Kinaps (CH)

Different instruments made by Moog, Teenage Engineering and Dreadbox will be at your disposal, for example the Mother-32 from Moog, the Theremini, the Pocket Operators, OP-1, Oplab, the Erebus and the hades.

Om Sound (Teenage Engineering)

PEK (Moog)

Future Instruments - Kinaps (CH)

A new mixing interface created by Alain Crevoisier in collaboration with MetaMedia Center of the EPFL.