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Sun 24.01.16 - CITY CLUB - cine-concert "Maths & Music"

Doors 16:30 / film  17:00 / concert 19:00

Tariff : CHF 25 / CHF 20

The CityClub cinema welcomes N/O/D/E for a cine-concert and a documentary that celebrate the beauty of mathematics, followed by a concert by pianist Malcolm Braff together with Stéphane Galland.

17:00 documentary : " Comment j'ai détesté les Maths" (How I hated Maths) by Olivier Peyon

We could have simply laughed about our hatred of mathematics if it hadn’t been so hugely important in our society. Indeed, Apple, Google and Goldman Sachs all depend on algorithms and mathematical formulas. How come mathematics bears the brunt of our aversion when it actually rules our world?

Exploring the globe with some of the greatest mathematicians, including Cédric Villani (Fields Medal 2010), Comment j’ai détesté les maths explains how mathematics has changed our world, for better… and sometimes for worse.

19:00 concert : Malcom Braff & Stéphane Galland (CH)

In the early 90s in Belgium, drummer Stéphane Galland created Aka Moon – a dynamic band with which he explored complex rhythms some 20 years before they became a ‘thing’ among jazz musicians. He then became one of the genre’s undisputed masters. In the meantime, Malcolm Braff was exploring African and Indian rhythms before developing his own unique rhythmical concept, which he dubbed non-Euclidian rhythms.

Their coming together was explosive: with Lobi at first, a band lead by Stéphane, and now with this duo, the two musicians have invented their own unique polyrhythmic approach. By combining their respective instruments with electronics, they create astonishing soundscapes, through which they roam acrobatically and with dizzying skill.

Wed-thur-fri 27-28-29.01.16 - THEATRE 2.21 - Odéta TV

Tariff : CHF 25 / CHF 15

21:00 / duration : 75 minutes

Composer, pianist and teacher Pierre Audétat cultivates a spellbinding and mellifluous form of art that feeds off refined and unexpected harmonic intervals.

For Odéta TV, he has meticulously selected and ‘borrowed’ short audiovisual samples on YouTube from all sorts of sources – essentially amateur videos – which he cut up, split and transformed, before editing and performing them live with keyboards and samplers. The result is an offbeat audio-video edit where sounds and images clash according to the music being played

Saturday 30.01.16 - EJMA 

Doors 19:00-21:00 / free entrance

19:00 composition for theremin from the HEMU Master class (40 minutes) 

Thereminists : Lydia Kavina (UK) and Thierry Frenkel (FR)

Four students, four news composition for the theremin : 

  • Sinenenelegie par Lukas Briner. Composition for 2 theremins, alto & violin.
  • Cavernes by Romain Luder. Composition for 2 theremins and bass clarinet.
  • Peacefull Turbulences by Micaël Vuataz, Composition for 2 theremins, guitar and saxophone.
  • Sirens by Gaspard Colin. Composition for 2 theremins and cello

20:00 Theremin Orchestra (duration 15 minutes)

At the end of its three-day course, the Theremin Winter Academy will give a collective performance by a Theremin orchestra, featuring the academy’s participants and conducted by Lydia Kavina (UK).

Saturday 30.01.16 - LE ROMANDIE - Play like a machine ! 

Doors  21:00 - 00:04

Tariff : CHF 25 (at the door) / CHF 27 (presale)

22:00 Domi Chansorn (CH) - drums & machines solo

Domi Chansorn is one of the most exciting versatile musicians on the contemporary Swiss scene. Based in Zurich, the talented drummer and multi-instrumentalist is also a new media enthusiast. He will present his new solo project, ‘drums and machines’ at N/O/D/E.

23:00 Blueblut (AUT) - psycho theremin band

Wild and atypical, BlueBlut is a guitar, Theremin and drums trio, whose avant-garde music combines rock and psychedelia. Like chameleons, the three musicians present a myriad of musical colours. With her Theremin, Pamelia Stickney goes from ethereal mermaid to jazz bassist, while Janka on guitars combines trash punk and math rock and Holub on the drums and overflows with groovy rock energy. A Swiss premiere!

00:00 Cabaret Contemporain (FR) - acoustic Kraftwerk set

At the crossroads of avant-garde and contemporary music, the five French musicians from Cabaret Contemporain perform their own essentially acoustic take on Kraftwerk’s electronic techno-pop. It is quite a challenge – and a successful one – to take on the music of robots to reveal the humanity inside the machine.

Fabrizio Rat (synthétiseur ms20), Giani Caserotto (Guitare Electrique), Ronan Courty (Contrebasse), Simon Drappier (Contrebasse), Julien Loutelier (Batterie)

Aftershow Algorave by A.V. Torres (CH) & APNOA (AUT) - live coding DJing

During his Japanese tour, mexican electronic artist Andrés V. Torres met two guys from Salzburg, APNOA. Together, they will bring the crowds to their feet during their ‘Algorave’ – a term coined in 2011 by Alex Mc Lean and Nick Collins to talk about events in which music is generated by algorithms and programmed live (live coding).

Visuals by Luis Sanz (CH)

Bern-based artist Luis Sanz creates generative art. Influenced by geometry, surrealism, abstraction, nature, architecture, futurism and science, he offers extraordinary algorithmic visuals during concerts.